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A Project Story: The Illustrator


Company: Beyond the Box, Inc.

Design Provided By: Ragan Yetley

Written By: Ragan Yetley

The Initial Consultation: Discussion, Ideas, Space Analysis

I was given the opportunity to work with a children’s book illustrator who worked out of her home office every day. She had an intense amount of art supplies that she simply did not have enough storage, organization, or countertop space for.

Before & After

She uses most of these art supplies on a regular basis and needed to be able to organize them not only in the cabinets they would soon live in, but in the entire office space in order to use the space as efficiently as possible. Her dogs love to hang around in the office so a space for her old and loving Golden Retriever was a must.

The Design: Measurements, Inventory, Selections

I started this office remodel by taking measurements of the existing space, taking a rough inventory of supplies, talking through how she uses and functions in the space as well as what is working for her now vs. what is not. She had very specific needs as to how and where the supplies needed to be organized.

The next time we met was at the showroom where we looked at design options for her space. We also got to look at selections. It was important to her that we found neutral finishes that would not affect her illustrations. It was also very important that the upper cabinets did not go to the ceiling because she needed space to display her collection of Minions!

3D Rendering

Ordering and Finalization

After we finalized the perfect design and the perfect finishes for her space, I went back to her house to measure the space again to ensure the design would fit. The next step was to sign off on everything and get it ordered!

Delivery and Install

After the product arrived, it was delivered to her home and then the install begins! She was very pleased with how it turned out.

The Results

Before & After Gallery

The biggest change from her old space to the new one was the height of her cabinets. We decided to make her desk at kitchen counter height instead of desk height because we had way more storage and organization options in the kitchen height cabinets vs the desk height cabinets.

She adjusted very well to this change and loves the new height!

Company: Beyond the Box, Inc.

Design Provided By: Ragan Yetley

Written By: Ragan Yetley

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