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  • Kristy Ferguson

Design & Scope of Work Plan

Determining the Need for a Design or a Scope of Work Plan

If your remodel will consist of new floors and some paint, the good news is your scope of work plan is already half way there. But, if you are tearing out walls or updating the kitchen, you will need to configure a design first.

The bigger the scope of a remodel, the more people it will take to help you get started. Let’s say this is a total gut and remodel; new windows, moving walls and plumbing, and maybe even moving the stairs. You get the picture, right? Get your architect moving on drawing up a set of blueprints.

Once you have the new floor plan, consult with a kitchen and bath designer. They will help you configure a design you love that can be given to your architect. Now the blueprints can communicate to the subcontractors where to place your appliance hook-ups, can lights, etc.

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