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DIY, Do It With Me or Do It For Me?

Do It Yourself, Do It With Me or Do It For Me….

Working in the interior design industry means being forefront to the latest product launches, integration in smart home design and improvements in organization. As an industry, we sometimes joke about getting house envy or “7 year itch” as in remodel itch. Being in the construction industry also can make one confident in their ability to tackle their own home renovation project; I was one of those once......... it started as a small DIY bathroom remodel and it turned into multiple bathrooms and laundry room that I ended up hiring a contractor for. It was the multiple trips to the hardware store, the hours on the googler and the tension created on the home front that turned me from a Do It Yourselfer to a Do It For Me.

What’s the difference and which are you? We are all familiar with DIY but the others are lesser known. Understanding which category you fall in will help you choose the best path forward on your remodel project. There may be times you are a full on DIYer like painting a bedroom and other times that you are a DIFM like doing a kitchen remodel.

DIY- Do It Yourself:

These are the hardware store guru's- they walk confidently, they KNOW where everything is at and when they ask questions, you know this is not their first rodeo.

  • Typically like to read instruction manuals and watch YouTube videos

  • Not afraid to get dirty