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Enhance Your Kitchen Island

What do you envision when you see your dream kitchen island? Is the design simple and stunning? Functional and easily accessible? Large and ready to entertain? Well, we're here to provide you with ideas for enhancing that vision of yours!

Here are 5 ways to enhance your kitchen island:

Waterfall Edge

Waterfall Kitchen Countertops are Absolute Showstoppers! A "Waterfall Edge" feature is produced when the stone, wood, or the materials used on top of a cabinet is carried over to the side, acting as a dramatic focal point and a protective edge for cabinets.

Grand Island Seating

Get yourself an island to entertain! This island was built to entertain 8 people comfortably. Supplying enough room for an entire family, a small get-together, or simply a larger preparation zone.

Island Endcap

Endcaps can be used for wine storage systems, decorative features, extra storage and so much more. For this project, we added an open bookshelf to store favorite cookbooks and magazines! Island end caps are extremely versatile and hold the ability to increase functionality in your space!

Storage & Tools

Islands are, more often than not, your main work surface. Making all the necessary tools easily accessible and organized is an absolute game-changer. Especially when entertaining, cooking, and cleaning.

Prep Sink

If you use your island as your main food prep area, then an integrated prep sink is the perfect feature for you.

When thinking about adding a kitchen island to your home, it is important to assess why you are investing in one and what its main purpose will be.

Islands are great for seating, food preparation, storage, and so much more! Our designers take all of this into account so that we can create functionality and make the best use of your space.

Call today to schedule your consultation with one of our design experts!

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