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Meet My Dream Kitchen…and Start Planning Your Own!

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The sky is the limit, and you have a plain white page in front of you… what makes the list in your dream kitchen? I know where I would start, the stove! For me, the stove is the true workhorse of the kitchen. Seriously, there is no better feeling than having something baking in the oven, while a sauce bubbles happily on the back burner.

Think big when it comes to the stove. Are you always cooking for a crowd? Consider a stove that has multiple functions such as double ovens, a broiler, and a warmer. How about a flat-top to sear steaks or make mountains of flapjacks? Serious about baking and roasting? Convection and conventional baking ovens can be stacked for a powerful impact on style and functionality. And while we are it… don’t necessarily settle for a white or black or stainless stove… color is fun and daring. Check out the Aga lines for some inspiration.

Since I’m dreaming… I would likely have to include some wine racks for pizzazz and easy access while I am imitating Julia Childs. We all know that many wines should be stored on their sides with the neck slanted down so the wine touches the cork and keeps it from drying out. Good news, you can buy racks just for that and tuck them into your kitchen design for optimal style. Since I will likely need white wine available for my chicken dishes, I will investigate a wine fridge. These under counter refrigerators work very well for other drinks too. In fact, I will dream of having two, one for children’s drinks, and one for adult drinks!

I will want to seamlessly integrate the refrigerator and freezer into the flow of my cabinetry, so their functionality is hidden. Today, refrigerators act like kitchen assistants, keeping track of your grocery inventory, allowing you to view the contents from your smart phone, see through doors, and keeping a running shopping list. Some of them even talk to you and play your favorite tv shows. I am not sure I need another voice giving directions in my house but…it’s cool. I would also consider a freezer drawer separate from the main fridge. It would be for all the ice cream and not calorie friendly food that my kids thrive on.

So, I have got the appliances covered except for the dishwasher. For those who entertain large groups often, put in two! I’ll be okay with one since it takes an act of Congress to get it unloaded, but I would consider a dishwasher drawer for all the cups and water glasses that hog the dishwasher space.

Tile backsplash, or up and around all the cabinets is stunning, and would completely set off an elaborate range hood. I would throw in a sound system and voice or motion activated lights. And, where natural light fails, I will use under counter lights to hit the workspaces.

And, I would have an island, the size of Texas: for homework and appetizers and dinner and teary-eyed conversations…surrounded by tall white cabinets and drawers with slots, and pegs and p laces for everything. That way, when the maid comes, she will know where to put everything! (It is my DREAM kitchen…)

Go dream up your own!

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