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Midcentury Modern - Project Spotlight

The 1940's were filled with pastel colors, scallop valances and the end of World War II. Dresses were below the knee, Rosie the Riveter work overalls were a norm and the two piece bikini debuted. The 1950's brought built in appliances, the foundation of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, metal trimmed countertops and the "swing dress." The 60's brought "space age kitchens of the future", pop art and the mini skirt.

The term mid century modern (MCM) invites thoughts of Palm Springs, Frank Lloyd Wright and Eames furniture. Maybe you think Mad Men, That 70's Show or the airline movie "Catch Me If You Can." Wikipedia will tell you that this era was from 1945 to 1969.

Key Elements in MCM Design

  • A bit of an eclectic feel

  • Clean, straight lines

  • Paneling- the walls, the ceiling

  • Mixing geometric and organic elements- think rectangle tile with curved back chairs

  • Neutral tones with pops of bold colors

  • The use of texture such as velvet

  • Warm woods

The goal for the homeowners was to update

this kitchen while holding true to its heritage. This required changing the layout of the space and upgrading the cabinetry, appliances, tile & lighting. The lap ceiling, beams and stone fireplace all remained the same.

The wood slab doors could be a relative to the cabinetry that was once in the home. Notice the Fisher & Paykel fridge...... it is located next to the built in microwave; the matching cabinet panels on this keep the clean, minimalistic feel. The white laminate countertops are similar to what was removed from the late 1950's. The small rectangle tile that lines the walls from counter to cabinet create a perfect backdrop for the additional undercabinet lighting while the darker tiles on the floor disappears from your gaze. My favorite feature is the perfectly matched custom created wood handles- these remind me of the vintage Schwinn bicycles. This project is all pulled together by the pops of color in the decor that line the tops of the cabinets and floating shelves- special pieces given to the homeowner from her mother.

Cabinetry: Crystal Cabinetry Door Style: Maple, Springfield, Custom Stain

Countertops: Pionite Winter White

Cabinet Pulls: Stene Woodwork

Backsplash Tile: Nemo Tile Glazed Stack Dandelion

Flooring Tile: Daltile Indian Bluestone Slate Tile

Appliances: Fisher & Paykel

Contractor: Greg Loterbauer Construction

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