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Now You Know Why, Now What?

Now You Know Why, Now What?

Who is going to manage your project? Notice the word manage. Are you going to hire a contractor to oversee your project from start to finish, or will you do it yourself?

What a contractor should provide.

A preliminary bid - have the contractor review your project and determine the scope of work. Be sure to ask about time frames, cleanliness processes, and references.

Review Bid – are there allowances for the other elements you pick; flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures? These items can have large variances in price so be sure you can find what you want within these numbers.

Contract – The more detail your contract has, the better. What’s the payment plan? Scope of work? Be sure to get a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance!

📷Pros & Cons.

Contractors work every day, and likely work more than 40 hours per week which gives you the benefit of their extensive industry knowledge.

Contractors work with others regularly, such as plumbers and electricians, giving you the benefit of a prioritized and expedited project.


It takes time to schedule, organize, and communicate. This is the contractor’s job and they need to charge to make a living. On this note, be careful of helpful friends. They mean well but if you are not paying for their service, odds are your project will not be a priority, and you will not find the value in the end.


Remember, HGTV is not a great representation of a remodel. You got this!

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