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Surviving the Remodel Process

Surviving the Remodel Process

We all have talked to somebody who has a remodel horror story…here are a few tips to avoid being that person when remodeling a kitchen.

1. Get rid of things you do not use. There is no point in taking clutter into your new space.

2. Set up a makeshift kitchen. Having the ability to begin your day with coffee will keep your spirits up. You will also appreciate the convenience of still having access to your microwave and vegetable steamer.

3. Head to Costco and purchase paper plates. It can drive a person to insanity if they do not have a working dishwasher or sink. Hedge your odds and stock up!

4. Make it easy for subcontractors to work in your home. Kennel your dog, put valuables away, and make your bathroom available or get a port-a-potty on-site.

5. It is going to be messier and take longer than you think. Plan on having a professional cleaner after the dust settles. It is recommended to hire a cleaner for the entire house since dust travels everywhere.

6. Decide to have a good attitude. It will be as dramatic as you make it. This does not mean you slide on the details, but that you must focus on the end result and the reason you started the remodel in the first place.

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