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The way I see it…. By StacyLynn Ellis

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Let’s talk closets! The way I see it, closets are underutilized and disorganized.

Have you ever walked into your closet and wondered what natural disaster took place while you were away?

Join the club. Unless you were proactive in your building process or decided you were tired of the natural disaster “effect” or maybe you were lucky enough to purchase a home where the homeowner put special thought into this room. If none of these apply, you join the majority of us who battle the daily routine of hopping over shoes as if they were a land mine while taking cover in fear of the “handbag avalanche”. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in to your closet and see everything neatly in its place? Imagine reaching to the shoe shelf and easily grabbing a pair of shoes rather than digging for the left one somewhere in a pile. Ugh... We’ve all experienced this at one time or another. Have you given thought to a closet system that’s built to suit your needs and I’m not talking about wire racking or buying a closet that that comes in 40 boxes you don’t have room to spread all over the house until you have endless hours assemble and the patience to decipher the installation instructions? What if I said you could have a custom closet that’s affordable and “works” for you? I already know what you’re thinking… “custom? that’s going to be costly”. Right? I’m here to tell you it really isn’t. It’s a matter of assessing your basic needs and building from there. I’m here to help!

Did you know the average person walks into their closet a minimum of twice a day? Let’s take a stroll through your closet. As you stand looking into your closet, do a quick inventory. Do you have more clothes hanging or do you have piles of sweaters or jeans falling over because the shelf’s too big? Where are your shoes? Are they piled in a tub to keep them in one place or are they scattered all over? Do you rifle through your summer clothes to get to your winter? You may want to capitalize on the space in your bedroom by removing your bedroom furniture and build drawers into your closet. What about a built-in laundry basket in your closet! Now there’s a winner! Adjustable organization in your closet can not only save time it will certainly make potential homebuyers take a double take when shopping your home.

There are so many options with our closet systems, from the colors and textures, drawers and cabinetry to the lighting, hanging baskets and jewelry drawers. Your closet can be very basic, affordable and functional allowing for “his and “hers” sides of the closet, adjusting shelving and hang rod heights to fit your both your needs or if you’re looking for something for a little friend envy, you can add lit glass shoe shelves and handbag cabinets or light sensory that lights up the room and cabinets as you walk in. The options are endless and more importantly they are designed for you at Beyond the Box, your closet by design!

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