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What is your why?

What is your why?

Is this home going to be long term for you? Are you fixing it up to build equity and selling in two years? The response to your why will help you navigate through the many decisions you will make during your remodel.

You are putting roots down- maybe for the duration your kids are in school or you love the location or you just hate packing and unpacking.

Obviously, you want the improvements to increase the value of your home and improve your day to day living. Analyze your habits and routines. What changes would make your home better for you? Do you need more light in your bathroom? Maybe you love to bake and having a double oven would be a dream. You want your home to nurture you, the way you nurture you family. You are not as concerned with design trends and appraisal value as what is right for you and the right design for the house.

With this kind of why, it is important to not settle with “ok” and live with “we should have…” The average person gets to design and pick finishes for 1.2 kitchens in their lifetime. That double oven may seem like a splurge now but loving your space for the next 30 years will be the payoff.

So, this isn’t your forever home…… Don’t get attached! This is an investment and although you will call it home for while- what are your goals and what will get you the return you are looking for? Talk to your realtor about comps in the area, get feedback on what will get you the most bang for your buck; remember you don’t want to be the nicest house on the block bringing everyone else’s value up. When you are shopping for finishes, be forward about your why. People want to help you achieve your goals but if you don’t tell what you are trying to achieve, they think you love the quartz countertop that is $110/sq. ft. vs the overstock deal on a similar color for $75/sq. ft.

Once you have identified your why and the end goal, you are ready for the next step- who is going to do the work and coordinate your project? Check next week to hear more about that!

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