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What To Expect Pre-Delivery To Install

Exciting! You have waited a long time since the design process for your new build home or kitchen remodel and now your cabinets have arrived! You can’t wait until the installation, you can almost feel what it will be like to be cooking in your new kitchen. Below are some things to consider before delivery until install day.

Pre-Delivery/Install Checklist:

🔲 Plumbing and electrical are in the right locations

🔲 If you have flooring down, be sure there is floor protection. If no floor, have a sample on-site so installer knows the thickness of the floor and can shim the cabinetry up to allow for the flooring.

🔲 Delivery vehicle can back into the driveway

🔲 Clear pathway into house- that means free of obstacles like furniture, snow, dogs

🔲 Verify access- will you be on-site or is there an access code


🔲 Plan on the door to remain open during the delivery

🔲 Many people are surprised at how much room uninstalled cabinets take up.

🔲 Cabinets need to be staged (placed) in an area close to where they will be installed. Be sure this area is clean.

🔲 There is a lot of cardboard, have a garbage plan in place.


🔲 Farmhouse sinks must be on-site. Generally, the cutout on the cabinet is done by the cabinet installer.

🔲 Prefer to have built-in appliances on-site

🔲 Doors and drawers won’t be adjusted until the cabinet pulls are installed.

🔲 If no flooring down, plan on the installer making a trip after the flooring is installed. This is when they will install toe kick plates and base molding.

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