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Create Amazing Spaces. Build Relationships. Have Fun.

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Need a facelift for your space or starting a new construction project? You're in the right place! At Beyond the Box Inc., our talented designers are dedicated to creating spaces that blend comfort and functionality. Whether it's an office, closet, kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, we listen to your needs and explore creative possibilities to maximize your space. 

Check out our designers' strengths below and book an in person consultation directly with them.

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Designer, AKBD, CLIPP

Emily excels in remodels with a balanced approach that combines speed and relationship-building. Her middle-of-the-road style ensures practical yet innovative solutions, making the remodeling process smooth and enjoyable as she forms lasting connections with her clients.

Megan reed

Megan Reed Designer Beyond The Box Inc.
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Ragan yetley

Designer, AKBD, CLIPP

Megan values building relationships and prefers working on new builds, though she is equally skilled in remodels. She designs with your preferences in mind but is also ready to contribute her own creative ideas, ensuring a collaborative and personalized design experience.

Ragan Yetley Designer Beyond The Box Inc


Ragan is passionate about new builds, with a strong affinity for modern design. She is adept at pricing and brings a keen eye for detail to every project. Ragan excels at translating your design ideas into stunning realities, ensuring your new build is both stylish and cost-effective.

Emily ludwick

Flanik-1 (3).jpg

Debbie Ferguson

Owner & Designer, AKBD, CLIPP

Debbie thrives on remodels, bringing a burst of creativity and a keen eye for transformation to every project. Known for her quick turnaround times, she is flexible and works efficiently to accommodate your schedule, ensuring your vision becomes a reality without delay.

Debbie Ferguson Designer & Owner Beyond The Box Inc

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