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Top 5 Upfits

What is an upfit? An upfit is something that you add to your existing space to make it function better for your lifestyle and daily habits. They add organization, create different styles, increase functionality, and optimize empty unused space.

Below, you will discover a little about our Top 5 Upfits for your home!

1. Countertop Remove & Replace

Change your existing countertop to something that fits your style better. You can upgrade your countertops from laminate to something like quartz or granite, or simply exchange the look of your existing countertop for a different style!


2. Soft close hinges and slides

You can upgrade your standard hinges and slides to soft close! These can be added to drawers and doors alike. Soft close hinges and slides are great for keeping your cabinet doors protected from slamming doors and drawers. Soft slides are also a great preventative for smashed fingers!


3. Adding storage accessories

This includes adding things like roll out trays, pull out utensil holders, lazy susans, vertical tray dividers and more! These accessories are great ways to increase the functionality in your cabinets and help make use of wasted space.


4. Handle and pull upgrades

You can easily change out your outdated pulls and knobs to new ones that fit your style. This changes the whole look of your kitchen with only one simple change. This is also a great option if you have new appliances that you want to match finishes to.


5. Garage storage

Add organization to your garage using organization units like drawers, cupboards, and vertical cubbies. We also offer specific organizers for your passions like the tennis, golf, gardening, and skiing organizers

Want to learn more about our available upfits?

Give us a call and set up a meeting with one of our designers! We are excited to help you with your upfit journey!

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