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8 Steps To Your Dream Closets When Building A New Home

Are you building a new home? Have you thought about your closets? Here are the 8 steps we prepare our clients for before starting your new closet install!

1. Initial Consult In BTB Showroom - Bring Your Blueprints!

  • We meet with you for an initial consult to discuss the style and organizational features you want in your new closet space. Think about what works well in your closet, what doesn't and be prepared to answer lots of questions like how many shoes you have.

  • Pick your material color, accessories and cabinet pull style and color. This Skyvale by Schaub is a showstopper! If you have an island in your closet, we will pick the countertops for that too.

  • Lighting Needs To Be Planned Pre-Mechanical For Lighted Closets Or Clothes Rod Accent lighting really takes your closet to the next level PLUS it makes things easier to see. It is important to have this planned prior to your electrician wiring the house.

2. Design & Selections

  • See your vision come to life on paper! Imagine where your items go. Tell us what changes you would like to make. If no changes are wanted, fantastic.

3. Finalize Design & Final Measure

  • Once your walls are framed, we can measure the space.

  • Then we create our final floor plans and elevations. We recommend having a copy on the job site so that the information is available to all the subcontractors, especially if you have lights inside the closet system.

4. Order

  • You can come in and sign the final floor plans, elevations and estimate or we can send them to you to e-sign.

  • Lead times will vary depending on the material that you picked.

5. Set Your Closet Install Date

  • This needs to be coordinated with the builders timeline.

  • Your dream closet is just a few steps away!

6. Installation

  • If your closet system is floor mounted, likely we will install before your carpet installation. BUT if you have a wall hanging system, we will likely be the last subcontractors in before the cleaners.

7. Close On Your Home & Move In!

  • Remember you selected a closet system for the adjustability so move those shelves around.

  • If you find that you need more shelves, no worries! We can order more for you. (I turned a bedroom into an office and swapped the closet rods for more bookshelves. That flexibility makes you feel so great about your investment.)

8. Love Your Closet?

  • We would love to help your friends and family get a closet they LOVE too! Please refer them to the designer that you worked with.

Do you have an upcoming new build in the Montana or Wyoming area? We would love to help! Give us a call at (406)245-6981 for a consultation or contact us through our website!

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