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Big Dreams, Tiny Living: Project Spotlight

Nestled just minutes outside of downtown Billings, Montana, lies the picturesque neighborhood of Old Pine Retreats, where nature's beauty intertwines with the warmth of home. Here, amidst the whispering pines and sweeping vistas, stands a testament to vision and collaboration—two exquisite tiny homes, each a unique reflection of style and personality.

Designed with the unique tastes of Teryn and Kelvin, part owners of Old Pine Retreats, these homes are more than just dwellings; they are havens of comfort and creativity. With a shared vision and a passion for design, Teryn, Kelvin, and our dedicated team embarked on a journey to craft spaces that not only harmonize with the surrounding landscape but also embody the essence of modern living.

Boho Chic Bliss:

Step into the first of our tiny homes, where bohemian flair meets rustic charm. Teryn and Kelvin's love for nature is evident in every detail, from the lush touches of green to the natural wood accents that infuse the space with warmth. The white kitchen cabinets and white countertops paired with the white retro refrigerator, stand striking against the green backdrop. The interior seamlessly blends comfort with style, offering a sanctuary where relaxation reigns supreme. As you step onto the balcony, overlooking the tranquil expanse of nature, you can't help but feel a sense of peace wash over you—a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And who doesn't love a garage door instead of a traditional sliding patio door!

Industrial Elegance:

Across the way, the second tiny home beckons with its industrial allure and sleek sophistication. Here, black cabinetry contrasts against exposed brick, while modern touches add an air of urban chic in the kitchen. This beautiful home shines through in every carefully curated detail, transforming this tiny abode into a haven of contemporary style. Step onto the balcony, and you're greeted with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape—a testament to the seamless integration of nature and design.

A Collaborative Journey:

Throughout the design process, our team worked hand in hand with Teryn and Kelvin to bring their vision to life. From brainstorming sessions to final touches, every decision was made with care and consideration, resulting in two tiny homes that are as unique as they are stunning. It was a journey filled with laughter, creativity, and boundless inspiration—a testament to the power of collaboration and shared passion.

As you explore Old Pine Retreats and take in the beauty that surrounds you, we invite you to experience the magic of these two tiny homes. From boho chic to industrial elegance, each space offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of its owners—a true reflection of their dreams and aspirations. Welcome to Old Pine Retreats, where tiny living meets big dreams, and every corner tells a story of a love for nature and the beauty of home.

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