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Montana Magic Meets Scandinavian Chic

Nestled within Montana's captivating landscape lies a masterpiece born from the collaborative efforts of Beyond the Box, Inc. and West Peak Construction. Designed with the creative force of Ragan Yetley and Marley Johnson, this architectural gem emerged as a fusion of tradition and innovation, captivating all who crossed its threshold at the 2023 Billings Parade of Homes.


At the heart of this showcase home, the cabinetry transforms everyday spaces into extraordinary realms of functionality and style. The custom designed kitchen hood completes the picture frame for the full height quartzite backsplash, creating a sophisticated center piece.

From the sprawling quartzite island in the kitchen, a collaborative feat of design excellence, to the chic butler's pantry boasting seamless transitions and modern conveniences, each room bears the mark of meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Throughout the residence, the expertise of Justin & Marley Johnson breathe life into every detail. The master suite showcases a fireplace, heated bathroom floors and a walk in closet with an adjustable closet system. Distinct tile designs adorning each bathroom, including frameless showers and custom lighted niches, the home exudes luxury and sophistication at every turn.


Beyond its exquisite interiors, the Great Room stands as a testament to West Peak Construction's commitment to redefining modern living. With soaring ceilings, expansive windows, and a seamless blend of natural light and contemporary elements, this space invites both awe and admiration.


As the sun sets over the Magic City, casting its golden glow upon this architectural marvel, it serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration and creativity. Beyond the Box, Inc. and West Peak Construction continue inspiring homeowners and builders alike to push the boundaries of design innovation.

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