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Roanoke Oak on Riviera: Project Spotlight

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Rustic slab cabinetry, matte black statements, flush inset appliances; this home just feels good!

It has the sleek finishes that are still warm and make you want to call it home. The cabinetry goes all the way to the 10' ceilings finished off with a square molding for the crown. The island nicely mirrors the perimeter in size with sink and range symmetry. The column fridges are tucked into the cabinetry leaving you with great walk way space that accentuates the size of the kitchen. There is no ornate trim to dust, just straight, clean lines.

The thing I really love is the touch of New York for the hosting bar! The black cabinet with glass lets you get a peak inside without flaunting everything. The mini fridge gives that needed space for your favorite beverages. Well I do love that peek a boo pantry too...... and we all need/want that extra space.

Now how does one categorize this style? In my mind, I think Mountain Modern. Here is why.

  • warm wood tones with natural characteristics

  • minimalistic cabinetry doors and design like that straight crown molding

  • flush inset appliances

  • black accents

It can be confusing when a designer asks you... What's the style of your home? Most of us non-designers get a little uncomfortable and say something like....umm I don't know or I like what I like and don't know what to call it. The takeaway here- a picture says a thousand words!

And remember,

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

Kitchen Design: Beyond the Box, Ragan Yetley

Builder: CB Built

Cabinetry: Bellmont Roanoke Oak

Countertops: Silestone Eternal Calcutta Gold

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