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The Phrase, "Mise En Place" and How it Affects Your Home.

Do you ever wonder why a kitchen functions the way it does?

Well, the process that makes kitchens go is called mise-en-place [mee-zahn-plos ], or stated literally, put in place. “In the kitchen, the phrase is used as a noun (i.e., the setup of the array of ingredients), a verb (i.e., the process of preparing), and a state of mind” (Charnas, Dan 2016).

For many culinary enthusiasts, it is more than a system. It is a way of life -- A guideline if you will. The system of mise-en-place helps coordinate the plentiful tasks and materials there are in the kitchen and can be directly translated into daily life. It helps transform chaos into order through strict preparation and organization.

Those who practice the way of life in the kitchen say that once you master mise en place, you should be able to find the tools you need while blindfolded on any given day.

So how does someone begin practicing mise en place in your home?

1. Become organized and prepare yourself for the task ahead.

  • It is all about being prepared mentally before you even gather the necessities. Keeping the end result in mind.

2. Get to know your preparation space and how its functions.

  • Set up your space. How will you reach the highest efficiency?

3. Gather the Necessities

  • What do you need to plan? What do you need to make sure you have all of the tools at your disposal?

4. Get to work

  • This is where your planning takes physical form

  • Focus on what needs to be done, and do it

5. Put it back in place

  • Once you have completed the task, you need to be sure to replace all the tools you have used.

  • Prepare yourself to prepare!

Are you interested in using mise en place within your kitchen? Let our team of designers assist in creating your ideal space!

Give us a call to schedule your design consultation!

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